Hair Loss Protocol Scam

Faux facts, partial truths, and outright lies float through the hair loss treatment field like sharks circling a lifeboat. You’ll see anything from ‘professionals’ advising you to only cut your hair on full moons to 1890-esque miracle doctors shilling their amazing hair-regrowth elixir. People threatened by thinning hair tend to be blind to such nonsense, plus they feed time and money into bad, even unhealthy options and silly hair treatments. If you have ever browsed the label for the majority of store bought scalp treatment shampoos, you will observe the same name or try alopecia treatment through scalp micropigmentation.

Why do they put these on the labels when everyone understands why these shampoos and treatments don’t take away the problem but only treat it. This means that you’ll need to keep with your products so that you can help your scalp problems. Langer-Giedion syndrome is characterized by bone abnormalities and unique facial features. The patient presents with multiple noncancerous bone tumors called exostoses. These cause pain and movement with the joints are restricted. Also, the exostoses exert pressure on underlying nerves, arteries, and the spinal cord.

The patients also exhibit short stature and epiphyses. Unique characteristics of patients being affected by Langer-Giedion The syndrome is scant new hair growth about the scalp, a bulbous nose, low-placed, protruding ears, an elongated upper lip, winged scapulae, the use of exostoses, loose skin, and some degree of mental disability. There may be a loss of hearing and delayed speech development also. Male thinning hair therapies are the large business. Which is because for quite a few guys, losing their hair as they age can be a devastating experience.

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